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September 20, 2016
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January 31, 2017
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Get My Mommy Makeover Fitplan

After having a baby, lots of women just do not know what to do. Pregnancy really can do a number on your body. Take me for example, I went from an hourglass fitness figure to a woman who had no muscle definition and lots of cellulite. What was I to do? How would I shrink my stomach down and tighten up this extra skin? Can I breastfeed and still workout? Did I have an abdominal separation? I gained 50lbs from pregnancy and I just hated my body.

Well I created a plan to target all those worries. When you get the green light from your doctor saying you are ok to workout you need to know how to work out correctly. You cannot just jump into working out like you did before you got pregnant. Your body went through trauma and you have to slowly work your way back. Especially with that extra weight you gained you have to make sure your body can handle the new exercise plan. I am going to take you through 12 weeks of healthy eating and fun exercise. The first 4 weeks will be welcoming you back into the gym. These workouts can be done at home so you can be with your little one. The next 8 weeks will gradually become more intense and all these workouts can be incorporated at home or in a gym. I am going to share all my secrets and tips that worked for me.

Now if you have not had a baby but are new to working out and want to live a healthy lifestyle this program is perfect for you as well. Let’s become Fit Moms together!!!

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