February 8, 2019


This blog has been a long time coming for those who don’t know me. I am hoping my determination to never give up on myself inspires you to do the same.

Hi, I am Christina Vargas fitness pro, health enthusiast, coach, and internationally known for my fitness accomplishments. I am a mom and my little girl is totally in her terrible 3’s. Despite all my great accomplishments I have been battling health problems for years.

I have been quiet on my social media for some time now. Mainly because my health has taken a turn for the worst. No one ever questioned my health because I only showed you my good days. Which is why I stopped posting workout videos for a while and sometimes only posted once a week.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with a severe heart condition called Neurocardiogenic Syncope and if it wasn’t for me denying a pacemaker I would have one now. A healthy lifestyle fixed a lot of my symptoms. During pregnancy and after giving birth my symptoms that were under control became unmanageable. Especially the random blacking out.

I am the type of person where pain drives me. I don’t like to complain or talk about anything. Being so prevalent on social media and I do “influence” many people it is very important you all know my story as well as my journey. Especially since I am so heavily into health and fitness and I competed in the pro circuit for years. Some may come to think that my health problems are due to my “excessive diet” or some may assume I did “drugs” which I never did.

I have seen over 30 specialists from cardiology, gastroenteritis, urology, endocrinologist, neurologists and more. Each one had a different diagnosis and a bunch of pills to follow to band-aid problems. I believe everything can be fixed through mind, body and spirit. I say that because despite all my problems I am able to get up after every time I fall and I am not talking about just mentally.

However, we all have our breaking point and mine was like most women after pregnancy. My pregnancy was horrible, doctors said I had intractable reflux. I couldn’t digest anything, threw up multiple times a day, allergic to everything, and was in tremendous pain. I also had my tailbone broken when I was 8 months pregnant from throwing up so much.

When Bella was finally born I was ready to get my body back and by body, I also meant hoping to be able to ingest food. Like any food possible. My stomach was responding well the first few months and I was on the road to looking and feeling my very best. I even shoot a postpartum program for a Fitness App company. To the world I looked great.

As soon as I hit that 9-month mark everything turned for the worst. My body stopped responding to food. I was getting sharp pains in my left side, excessive bloating making me look 6 months pregnant again. Occasionally from week to week I would throw up all day like I had the stomach flu with a fever always going to 102, and some days I would just black out and be unable to get up for minutes.

Western medicine had failed me. No one could give me answers and I was over it. I started eating vegan and then gluten free but none of it worked so I did a food sensitivity test. I was allergic to everything, go figure. Eating for my allergies worked for a bit. It always helps eliminating food that your body doesn’t respond too but even though I did I still was not 100 percent not to mention who can eat leaves all day. NOT ME! So I was in search of a holistic doctor. Integrative Wellness Doctors interested me because these type of doctors look at the whole body together instead of singling out body parts. I felt this was the only way for me to finally get some answers.


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