February 7, 2019
Let it Begin
March 14, 2019


I searched for a doctor for years.

Western medicine failed me. After years of searching I found Doctor Nicole Rivera. She was practicing out of New Jersey literally miles away from Vegas I trusted her to heal me. Just in one hour of talking to her she knew at least one of my problems but to confirm we did lots of testing. 

I always questioned myself about my symptoms. Maybe I am having a bad period or is it from postpartum referring to the excessive bloating, the sharp pain in my left side that always seemed to come back and my chronic fatigue. Thinking my fatigue and continuously blacking out was from my heart condition. Wondering if my stomach problems where even caused by IBS. My skin would break out in hives. My face looked like acne. Some spots looked even burned and I would justify it saying I tanned.

Every other week I had a fever I blamed it on high stress from being a stay at home mom. Finally I stopped tanning, ate my allergy free diet and still not much improvement. When I put it all together in my mind I knew this was in fact not normal.  

Finding Doctor Nicole felt like a breath of fresh air.

Excited to start so we began with extensive blood tests. My good friend is a doctor here in Vegas who helped me run the blood tests Doctor Nicole was asking for. Receiving my results we noticed I was positive for Lyme Disease, liver numbers were bad, cortisol was high, and Epstein-Barr was positive. He was having a hard time reading the tests mainly because in western medicine they separate their doctors. You may know them as specialists. In my case having all these problems would call for a bunch of different doctors.

Have you ever heard of the Bioresonance?

Doctor Nicole uses a Bioresonance machine. Before even taking blood tests she took my hair for DNA purposes to tell me what I had going on. I couldn’t believe what my results were but with my blood draws and my other tests they all said almost the exact same thing. I never did this type of testing and I was amazed by the technology. 

This technology was able to show what was affecting what and why. Lyme Disease was affecting my gut hence why everything I did was not working. Western medicine likes to treat Lyme Disease by placing a bomb of pills in the body hoping it can kill the disease. Sometimes this works and a lot of times it doesn’t. 

Dr.Nicole said my heart condition was misdiagnosed.

Candida was in my pancreas, my kidneys had parasites and because of this it placed stress on my adrenal glands causing my neurological cardiac problems. This was also the reason why I kept getting sharp pain on only my left side and why my anxiety was at an all time high because my hormones where off. 

Years of allergies, sinus problems, and the ability to get sick at a drop of a dime from a cold draft to someone sneezing in my direction was all caused from Mycotoxin Illness or mold. When I was little I was very poor we lived in an old house. I watched the bathroom grout change from white to black. Water stains on the ceilings and eventually the ceiling came down. It came to no surprise to me when my results pulled up positive. Read more here. Recently I found out Mycotoxins can be everywhere in coffee, corn, wine and etc. Some more information for you guys, click.

The Bioresonance found so many things.

All my allergies where broken down from what foods caused me problems to the environment. I found out I am highly allergic to dogs go figure I had 4. Thinking apple cider vinegar was good for me and finding out it was like poison to my body was shocking. Finally finding answers was all I needed. Changes needed to be put in motion and I was ready. So I booked my flight to see Dr. Nicole. 


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