February 8, 2019
The struggle of being sick.
April 29, 2019

Let it Begin

I am a new mom even though she’s 3 now.

Technically this is my first blog. Reason being because I put my blogs up but never announced it on my socials. Bella is my first little human. Everything I once knew has completely changed and the things I am starting to believe are not what the majority of the population agrees with. I am utterly exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in.

I said it I am overwhelmed. No super hero just human trying to live life to the fullest. Started this holistic journey because years have gone by and I have been suffering mysteriously. We allow our symptoms to be our identity and role with it. Thinking it is age, and etc. Allowing ourselves to live less than our full potential. After having Bella I knew this wasn’t how life is suppose to be. I was trying to be the best mom but when you are constantly on edge you have no patience for anyone. I stopped posting as much and separated myself from the world as much as I could without destroying everything I built.

Now I am here and still struggling to find the truths. After I had my immersion week in NJ with Dr. Nicole I seem to have made some progress. I been keeping up with my regimen and trying to find some balance. Please don’t let anyone foul you that changing your lifestyle is something you can do in a day it is NOT! It is ok not to be perfect or always have answers. It is ok to be sad sometimes. What’s not ok is giving up on yourself.

I will write another blog on my week in NJ but until then I wanted to start these blogs with things I have done to help alleviate some of my symptoms. Like share my daily regimen and tell you what is going on in my life. Also wanted to share things that haunt me. Sugar coating life is something I do not do, it’s not in my nature.

Let’s start out with the positive things.

I traveled to LA recently to film multiple videos for Plankk Studio. If you don’t know what Plankk studio is it is an APP that offers over 1,000 live and on-demand workout videos from the top influencers in the world. I was honored to be picked as one of them and recorded 10 exercise videos for Prenatal, Postpartum as well as my normal regimen for you guys to enjoy.

My Fitness App is COMPLETE. So sign up here if you haven’t already. I will be doing GIVEAWAYS so make sure to tag me on Instagram. We are launching it on Apple first. Extremely excited because I finally have an App with my personal recipes, and a macro calculator to help you customize your very own program. Great features are on this App to make the users experience enjoyable as well as informative and beneficial to their health. Started this App out with 12 weeks of daily workouts and will be adding additional programs as the months progress based on my feed back from YOU.

Working on multiple collaborations with huge companies that care about health and fitness just as I do. Teaming up with these specific companies to bring you guys awesome GIVEAWAYS, not just for my App but for all my loyal viewers. These companies I aligned myself with have helped assist me on a daily basis to improve my health so it was only fair to bring them to you.  All great things are on the horizon.

What haunts me?

What haunts me is the inability to find peace and balance in what I do. Seeing fake or misleading things on social media or in the everyday world makes me feel some type of way. It makes me push harder to be transparent to all of you. Being vulnerable is also scary because you don’t want to share more then is needed. Sometimes sharing your thoughts under duress is not always good. There is a very fine line.

Not to mention these are extreme lifestyle changes. That is why I say it cannot be done in a day. The things I am learning and trying to understand are a bit overwhelming, for example, finding out the filter water we are consuming is not truly filtered. Basically we are drinking toxins everyday. Everything that doesn’t say, “ORGANIC” pretty much has glyphosate in it. Like what the F is GLYPHOSATE! It is pretty much cancer being sprayed over the food we eat.

Actually it is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. We know it as Round Up. Recently a man won a court case receiving $289 million from getting cancer from the maker Monsanto’s Round Up weedkiller. READ HERE 

These are among many things I am beginning to learn. I don’t even create diets anymore. I give the knowledge, a sample meal plan, and now teach my clients what bad ingredients to look for. This way they can customize their own plan and apply it to their lifestyle.

True story and still in the making, my husband got pregnant with me.

No really he gained a huge belly. I put his ass on a typical bodybuilding diet because he didn’t want to do exactly what I was doing. He claimed he was fine and I was the “sick” one. Months go by and his hectic schedule and 3 days working out and bodybuilder diet wasn’t working. He blamed it on getting older and if he was going to look as good as those specific athletes, he needed assistance with those “special supplements” he was not willing to take. Does this sound familiar? Frustrating, RIGHT!

So I rocked his world and made him get all these tests done. He hated me for it and because of it he drove my ass crazy. Come to find out several things were going on with him so I said enough is enough. We took out GLUTEN, DAIRY and everything he ate was a REAL ingredient. This man lost 3 inches from his waist in 2 weeks, and now is showing some abs. No, it wasn’t a result from a crazy diet it was strictly from inflammation and water retention that was being slowly eliminated.

Technically those crazy transformations you see are from the same result but coaches claim it is because of them working some miracle. Now he is on his own health and fitness journey. When he gets 110% back and better where he wants to be and comfortable I will share in detail his story. So follow him on Instagram @Nick_Spilotros. I made him an account just to share his journey. He wasn’t very happy with me. Not a fan of social media can’t say I blame him but it’s my job and people need to know the truth.

My view on life has changed.

Growth is never easy and is scary, some take it harder than others. Finding perspective and a sense of self is essential for growth. People need to know that everyone struggles. We are all human. We bleed the same, we feel pain and becoming a parent is not easy. Even if you think you are ready you are not READY! Learning from others and knowing we are all in this together is something I am truly passionate about. Sharing my thoughts and knowledge with all of you to help you achieve ultimate success and happiness is my true passion. I have spent the past 5 years of my life trying to build my business in this direction.

Stay tuned for my next blog. Tell me what you want me to share is it nutrition information, a recipe or maybe my workout regimen. Do you want me to share my experiences that helped propel me in my direction now. Maybe you are wondering why my hair is purple. Leave a comment or DM me so I know what the popular topic.

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