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April 29, 2019
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Detoxing with Broccoli Sprouts

My mantra is, “Food is Medicine.”

I use food to heal my body. Counting chemicals not calories. We are exposed to environmental toxins every day. It took me years to understand that most body care products and processed foods are toxic to our body. Having all these toxic exposures it is vital to make sure the body’s natural detoxifier, the liver is working properly. The liver takes toxins throughout your body and safely excretes them out of your body. A liver that doesn’t work as it should can’t released toxins, and this causes problems. Eating foods to help naturally detox your liver on a daily basis is essential for optimal health.

How do you go about naturally detoxing your liver?

If you read my other blogs or follow me on social media you know that I have been struggling with my health. My liver happens to be one of my many problems. Making sure I am naturally detoxing my liver on a daily basis has become a priority. Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you.

There are many foods that help with daily detoxing. Broccoli Spouts, Garlic, Juniper Berries, Cilantro, Beets, Fermented Foods, and etc., the list honestly goes on. I will take you through the steps I did to help me find foods that worked for me.


At the age of 16 I was placed on the FODMAP Diet. Limitations are very real with this diet. The list of the FODMAP Diet if you are wondering. Stanford hospital and clinics define the FODMAP Diet as osmotic. The FODMAP Diet is usually giving to people with IBS. IBS is a blanket term for people who have gut issues. Regardless the FODMAP Diet is a good place to start. Broccoli Sprouts is FODMAP Diet friendly.

A lot of gut issues could be caused from food allergies. I happen to be allergic to pretty much everything. It is quite exhausting to be scared of putting food in your body. Experiencing anything from sharp pain, to excessive bloating, hives, fever, nausea, vomiting, and chronic fatigue. I began with a few blood tests. One was a food sensitivity test and an environmental allergy test. Environmental allergies can greatly affect the gut. Not all but some people experience oral allergy syndrome. I happen to be one of those people.

Taking it a step further when I was in New Jersey for some holistic healing I used a device called the BIOSCAN. This machine has a huge data base and spits out thousands of things that you are allergic too. I must admit this machine gave me my life back a little.

Foods that help detox your liver are cruciferous vegetables.

One of the super foods of cruciferous vegetables is Broccoli Sprouts. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that Broccoli Sprouts had such great benefits that it could help fight cancer. That being said I decided to try these little critters. Come to find out I really liked them. I have been growing them every week. Today I am going to tell you exactly how I did that. Fail proof because I messed up quite a few times.

How to grow your own Broccoli Sprouts.

You need a sprouting kit, certified organic seeds, and 3 regular mouth lids. Not using a sprouting kit, in my experience wouldn’t be fun. Sprouting takes about 6-7 days to be ready.

Day 1

Take 2 tablespoons of seeds and place them in the sprouting jar. Fill filtered water over the seeds. Use the regular mouth lids. Place the jars in a dark spot for 12- 24 hours. Doing it before bed is great because they are ready when you wake up.

Tips: Don’t place too many seeds in the jar. Towards the very end when they are done if the spouts are jammed packed in the jar they can’t turn green from lack of chlorophyll. Use FILTERED WATER it does make a difference. I started out using the filter water from my refrigerator before I got my Berkey Filter and what a difference. You can tell by the smell of the sprouts. Using tap water makes the sprouts smell like they are moldy. The refrigerator filter still gives them a strong smell but using a really good filter like the Berkey makes them smell like fresh grass. I dare you to test this theory out.


Day 2

Take the lid off and put the sprouting lid on. Drain all the water out of the jar. Refill the jar with the same amount of water and drain it once again until no water comes out. (You can pour the water right over the mesh lid.) Take your jars flip them and place them on your sprouting trays in a dark spot. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

Day 3

Now you can see your sprouts sprouting. Fill the jars with water once again and drain them. Place them back on the sprouting trays and in a dark spot. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

Day 4

Now your sprouts are really sprouting. Do you notice your sprouts have hair? These “fuzzy” hairs help draw moisture into the sprout.  After a few days, the root hairs of each seed combine together start to look healthy, and white. These tiny root hairs are not fungus or mold.

Does your broccoli sprouts smell?

Day 4 or 5 if you don’t notice the “fuzzy” hairs or you smell something horrific your sprouts got moldy. Broccoli Sprouts come from the family Brassicaceae which do have a smeller profile than most sprouts. However, you still must discard the sprouts. To avoid doing it again in the future make sure you are rinsing your sprouts thoroughly. If everything looks good fill the jars with water once again and drain them. Place them on your sprouting trays in a dark spot.

Day 5 & 6

Now your sprouts are ready to be moved to a window to get some chlorophyll action. Rinse your sprouts 2-3 times a day.

Day 7

Your sprouts should be green and ready to eat. Before consuming rinse your sprouts one last time. I like to freeze some of my sprouts to use them for smoothies. Fresh sprouts taste great on avocado toast, in salads even with eggs.

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