March 14, 2019

Let it Begin

I am a new mom even though she’s 3 now. Technically this is my first blog. Reason being because I put my blogs up but never announced it on my socials. Bella is my first little human. Everything I once knew has completely changed and the things I am starting to believe are not what the majority of the population agrees with. I am utterly exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s a lot to take in. I said it I am overwhelmed. No super hero just human trying to live life to the fullest. Started this holistic journey because years have gone by and I have been suffering mysteriously. We allow our symptoms to be our identity and role with it. Thinking it is age, and etc. Allowing ourselves to live less than our full potential. After having Bella I knew this wasn’t how life is suppose to be. I was trying to be the best mom but when you are constantly on edge you have no patience for anyone. I stopped posting as much and separated myself from the world as much as I could without destroying everything I built. Now I am here and still struggling to find the truths. After I had my immersion week in NJ with Dr. Nicole I seem to have made some progress. I been keeping […]
February 8, 2019


I searched for a doctor for years. Western medicine failed me. After years of searching I found Doctor Nicole Rivera. She was practicing out of New Jersey literally miles away from Vegas I trusted her to heal me. Just in one hour of talking to her she knew at least one of my problems but to confirm we did lots of testing.  I always questioned myself about my symptoms. Maybe I am having a bad period or is it from postpartum referring to the excessive bloating, the sharp pain in my left side that always seemed to come back and my chronic fatigue. Thinking my fatigue and continuously blacking out was from my heart condition. Wondering if my stomach problems where even caused by IBS. My skin would break out in hives. My face looked like acne. Some spots looked even burned and I would justify it saying I tanned. Every other week I had a fever I blamed it on high stress from being a stay at home mom. Finally I stopped tanning, ate my allergy free diet and still not much improvement. When I put it all together in my mind I knew this was in fact not normal.   Finding Doctor Nicole felt like a breath of fresh air. Excited to start so we began with extensive […]
February 7, 2019


This blog has been a long time coming for those who don’t know me. I am hoping my determination to never give up on myself inspires you to do the same. Hi, I am Christina Vargas fitness pro, health enthusiast, coach, and internationally known for my fitness accomplishments. I am a mom and my little girl is totally in her terrible 3’s. Despite all my great accomplishments I have been battling health problems for years. I have been quiet on my social media for some time now. Mainly because my health has taken a turn for the worst. No one ever questioned my health because I only showed you my good days. Which is why I stopped posting workout videos for a while and sometimes only posted once a week. In 2010 I was diagnosed with a severe heart condition called Neurocardiogenic Syncope and if it wasn’t for me denying a pacemaker I would have one now. A healthy lifestyle fixed a lot of my symptoms. During pregnancy and after giving birth my symptoms that were under control became unmanageable. Especially the random blacking out. I am the type of person where pain drives me. I don’t like to complain or talk about anything. Being so prevalent on social media and I do “influence” many people it is very important […]